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A stay at Torre Fantini is ideal for anyone looking for that perfect combination of fresh air and relaxation and fascinating sightseeing, while enjoying some of Italy’s best food and wine.

The words Romagna and Tuscany combine in the name of this area, Tuscan Romagna, which evokes a veritable ocean of images, traditions, aromas, memories, sounds, scents, colors and emotions to offer to the people who live here, as well as to all who visit this area, considered one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions of Italy.

Romagna is the part of Emilia-Romagna that lies east of its capital city Bologna, a region with a history and a culture as rich and fascinating as that of Tuscany and its capital Florence. In and around Tredozio, which is practically on the border between the two, you will find many traces of “Florentine Romagna” especially in the architecture and the place names of the towns and villages along its hills. Towns like Castrocaro and Terra del Sole, Dovadola and Modigliana, were all governed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany for five centuries, and Tuscan Romagna blends elements from each culture- two regions while staying in just one!

Here you find both the renowned culinary and gastronomic pleasures of Romagna and an almost Tuscan landscape of gently rolling hills dotted with the occasional pencil cypress amidst beautifully nurtured agricultural land. While enjoying the Romagna spirit of hospitality and “living life to the full”, you may also encounter some of the famous Tuscan ironic wit and banter. You will notice elements of elegantly restrained Tuscan country architecture. You will get to know and savor with pleasure great Sangiovese wines made in both Romagna and Tuscany, because Tuscan Romagna is home to many prize winning wine estates. And all round you, in the many charming historic villages, you will find skilled craftsmanship and fine art, each influenced by the cultures of both regions.

music, Art & Performances

Cultural Activities at Palazzo Fantini

As guests at Torre Fantini you are entitled to visit the private garden of Palazzo Fantini, which is featured among those of the Grandi Giardini Italiani Association (Association of Great Italian Gardens), as well as the adjoining Country Civilization Collection, where you can glean interesting insights into the life of an important country estate and of rural work in the past century.
You may also visit or attend any of the cultural activities being hosted at the Palazzo during the dates of your visit. These may be art exhibitions, classical music or jazz concerts, or film or book presentations. They are usually held in the summer months in the courtyards of Palazzo Fantini.
Art sightseeing

Discover the art cities in the area

Culture lovers can visit towns that are world famous for their art, and that in Italy are honored with the title of Città d’Arte or Art Cities. Not only the larger centers such as Florence, Bologna and Ravenna with its wealth of early Christian mosaics and no less than eight Unesco world heritage sites, but also smaller towns like Faenza with its two beautiful squares, and medieval Brisighella. The drives between each of them wind through beautiful scenery making getting there an added pleasure, so we suggest you drive slowly along the well-kept and mostly quiet country roads and relish in the beauty of your surroundings.
Food and Wine

Divinely Delicious

Of course, you can get great steaks in this area, both Romagnolo and Tuscan, and it is obligatory to try some of the famous hand rolled egg pastas of Romagna such as Tagliatelle and Lasagne. But you will also discover the lesser known Romagna cappelletti, usually served in broth, just like the little pillows of cheese-filled pasta called Sfoglia Lorda.

We recommend you seek out the tasty potato and pancetta grilled pasta envelopes called Bartolacci in Tredozio and Tortelli alla Lastra in Portico di Romagna for a tasty snack or a light lunch. Other strictly local specialties include Brisighella’s excellent and famous extra virgin olive oil, or Raviggiolo, a fresh cheese typical of these valleys, and the especially good salt cured salamis, pancetta and prosciutto made from a special breed of pig, the small black Mora Romagnola. And then there is the delicious Rocca dei Guidi chocolate dessert at Modigliana!

If wine is one of your interests, you could do worse than follow the mapped out and mouth-watering Food and Wine Route through the Provinces of Forlì – Cesena, which is well signposted as “Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori” or “Wines and Flavors Route”.

Local sightseeing

Discover the beauty of your surroundings

Staying at Torre Fantini, you cannot fail to notice the beauty of your surroundings, in fact it is not unusual for our guests to set about looking for a home of their own in this area. There are places of stunning natural beauty around Torre Fantini, such as the Casentino Forest National Park. This is a huge protected area of the Apennines on either sides of the border between Romagna and Tuscany and includes some of the most extensive and well-preserved woods and forests in Italy.

Breathtaking local sights include the waterfalls of Acquacheta that Dante wrote about, and the lovely cascade rumbling under the hamlet of Bocconi’s Brusia bridge. You can visit the tiny Renaissance ideal town of Terra del Sole, built by Cosimo de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1579. 

Then there is the small hilltop town of Portico di Romagna with its flower-lined, narrow, cobbled streets and its 1500s humpback bridge; and Modigliana and Brisighella, to name just two more, are also charming, with Brisighella noted as one of the prettiest villages in Italy. All are worth visiting, as each one has its own particular delights.

fairs and festivals

Authentic Italian traditions

Tredozio, like the rest of Tuscan Romagna, is steeped in tradition and guests who are here at the right time can take part in village fairs and festivals such as the “Palio dell’Uovo” (The Egg Tournament) which takes place in Tredozio during Easter with many fun competitions among the various little neighborhoods of this town, as well as the November Bartolaccio Festival, celebrating the culinary specialty mentioned above.

Also worth visiting are Brisighella’s many festivals held in summer between June and September, Modigliana’s Sangiovese in Festa held in April and the Tableaux Vivants Festival held in September to celebrate the art of locally born Silvestro Lega. In October there is the Fruits of the Forest and Traditional Crafts Festival in Portico and Dovadola’s Truffle Feast is also in October.

local crafts

Traditional leather goods

Shoe-making has long been a local industry, and the tradition of custom-made footwear continues at the family business of Stivali Fabbri (Fabbri Boots), which has operated in Tredozio since 1924. By appointment, Stivali Fabbri opens its workshops to our guests, to demonstrate the skills involved in hand-making bespoke walking and golf shoes, and the company’s proudest product − riding boots. Another long-standing maker of hand-crafted artisan shoes and boots for men and women is the Valli firm, which has a shop in nearby Modigliana village.

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