Having been clever enough to discover Tredozio, you can’t miss visiting its most distinguished building, Palazzo Fantini, once the heart of a vast agricultural estate extending over large tracts of this unspoilt territory. The Fantini family, though no longer managers of a great country estate, have lived continuously in the Palazzo since the early 1700s. The elegant façade in restrained Tuscan baroque style, completed in 1753, harmoniously unified a number of older previously existing buildings and the spaces within the Palazzo, the rooms and their lay out, the courtyards and the historic garden, tell the story of this family’s long history in this land and give a glimpse of country life in times gone by.

Today the Fantinis continue to play a key role in Tredozio, maintaining close links with the village community and hosting visitors from far and wide at Torre Fantini. They share their heritage by opening for tours of the garden and by regularly hosting cultural events like concerts and exhibitions. Many visitors fall in love with Tredozio and Palazzo Fantini and it is possible to hire parts of the Palazzo for weddings or other special events in a dream setting.


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